Import TeX major problems with SWP 6.0.12

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Unfortunately, SWP 6.0.12 does not fix two major problems with Import TeX in SWP 6.0.11 that I reported previously. I am using a Mac running OS X El Capitan 10.11.3.

1. It still removes the spaces in equation labels. But it does not remove the spaces in cross-references that refer to those labels. As a result, cross-references to equations appear as just (??) in PDF output. This makes 6.0.12 effectively useless for working with co-authors using SWP 5.5 - I cannot expect co-authors to restrict the TeX they use to adapt to the idiosyncrasies of SWP 6.

2. If a second author has an "address" in the TeX file, in PDF output generated by SWP 6.0.12 this address appears by itself (with no author names) on a separate page before the title page and no author names or addresses appear after the title on the title page. Moreover, no editing that I have discovered enables me to have author names and a second author address in PDF output, which deeply irritates co-authors.

Problem 1 was new in SWP 6.0.11 - it does not arise with SWP 6.0.10 (to which I have had to revert for working with co-authors), so it really cannot be that hard to fix.

Problem 2 is much longer standing and I have already reported it several times. I don't recall it happening with the very early releases of SWP 6 (though I may be wrong about that), so my guess is that it too cannot be too hard to fix.

It is a major stumbling block to getting my co-authors to switch from SWP 5.5 and LyX to SWP 6.0 that I have to keep explaining that SWP 6 is simply not adequate for writing and interchanging documents with co-authors using other TeX programs.

**Please** fix both these problems for the next release as a matter of urgency.

Post a sample document that

Post a sample document that shows these problems.  I haven't been able to create an example showing the problems you report.

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I attach 3 files to

I attach 3 files to illustrate the problems mentioned in my original post.

ExportTeX.sci is an original sci file in SWP 6.0.12 for which there is no second author address (because I cannot get one to work properly).

ImportTeX.tex is the TeX file resulting from choosing File/Export TeX in SWP 6.0.12, with the only change being a second author address added.

ImportTeX.sci is the sci file generated by importing ImportTeX.tex into SWP 6.0.12 using File/Import TeX.

The two problems with the imported document that I mentioned in my original post are:

1. The equation label "zero profit condition" that was exported correctly has been imported as "zeroprofitcondition" but the cross reference to it still refers to "zero profit condition" causing the reference to be to (??) in PDF output. (Note: this problem does not arise in SWP 6.0.10 but does arise in SWP 6.0.11.)

2. Using PDF Preview, "University of Oxford" appears on a separate page before the title and the authors' names do not appear anywhere.

Two other problems with the imported document are:

a. The Proposition environment is not correctly recognised in that it does not appear in the same SWP 6 style with a proposition number as in ExportTeX.sci and, in the status line at the bottom, "proposition" has been replaced by "environment". (PDF Preview does, however, render the proposition correctly.)

b. A liberal sprinkling of non-breaking spaces has been added in inappropriate places.

I would hope that using File/Export TeX and then File/Import TeX on the exported document would produce exactly the same result as the original file.

Can you reproduce these problems now?