SWP 6 (v. 6.0.12) -- keyboard shortcuts for non-English keyboard

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I still have problems with using keyboard shortcuts on my non-English keyboard. Standard shortcuts such as Ctrl+a, Ctrl+s, etc. work where the key location is the same as in the English keyboard. But if I try to use keyboard combinations that involve keys in different locations than in the English keyboard, nothing happens (or worse: something unforseen could happen).

Examples: to insert a math fraction, the keyboard combination is Ctrl + /. In my (Norwegian) keyboard, the "/" symbol is the shifted symbol on the 7 key, thus I need to type "Ctrl + Shift + 7". But this doesn't work! I have the same problem with e.g. Ctrl + >, which is supposed to create a subsection relative to the current section. In my keyboard, the ">" key is in the shifted "<" key just to the left of the z key. So I try to type "Ctrl + Shift + <". But nothing happes.

I think this problem (keyboard shortcuts for non-English keyboards) was reported as fixed in an early interation after SWP 6 was released, but I have never been able to make it work. This is exceedingly frustrating, because -- in my view -- efficient typing in SWP demands the use of keyboard shortcuts.