Import TeX Disaster with 6.0.11

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Import TeX in SWP 6.0.11 removes the spaces in equation labels. As a result, cross-references to equations appear as just (??) in PDF output.

This makes 6.0.11 effectively USELESS for working with co-authors using 5.5. I cannot expect co-authors to restrict the TeX they use to adapt to the idiosyncrasies of SWP 6.

In order to be able to do my work, I have reverted to SWP 6.0.10 in which Import TeX does NOT remove the spaces in equation labels. For me, 6.0.11 is definitely a retrograde release.

To be frank, I am getting close to abandoning SWP 6. I have been using it for serious work, despite the pain that involves as a result of the bugs, because I am keen for it to succeed and that is the best way of finding bugs to report to improve the product. But it has now been through 11 releases since it was formally launched and

(1) still such basic things as allowing a second author to have an address do not work, and

(2) new releases seem to create as many problems as they solve.

Can you give me any hope that there really will soon be a version of SWP 6 that I can reliably use for serious work?