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Windows 7 pro

Attached are one file 5.5. When imported a number of problems occur
1) complains of wmf2eps missing (I have one in 5.5 where shall a copy be placed in 6). Why? I followed the instructions when updating.
2) hyphenation do not work in 6.11 (\hyphenation{sam-hälls-vet-en-skap}) not even when I loaded fontenc. See the very first row in the pdf
3) The pictures are not imported


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regarding wmf2eps: contrary

regarding wmf2eps: contrary to what the Release Notes may have implied (and regardless of whether you have an swp55 version) you actually need to install this yourself for SWP6. There's a link to the instructions on the MSI home page; and despite what they say, the instructions apply to all versions of windows from xp on (though of course the pictures may be slightly different).

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Thanks pviton but I am

Thanks pviton

but I am confused. MSI homepage leads to "MSI designs and creates top-tier gaming gear for gamers."


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Thanks Barry. The pictures

Thanks Barry. The pictures are imported now but for some strange reason a lot of tabs are inserted and I also get a warning, see picture below.

So far I do not see any pattern for the extra tabs.
The warning is alerted irrespective if I import tex or open sci.

Suggestion: Do not just write "windows 8 and 10". According to pviton it works more generally. It works for Windows 7 Pro.

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The warning shown in the png

The warning shown in the png was being generated only after the most recent round of windows updates (from microsoft) in the last few days. (Until then, opening SWP 6.0.11 didn't generate it.) It seems to result in the What's New sidebar being empty, so clearly it's something that needs attention from MSI.

The invalid security

The invalid security certificate dialog is a side effect of our web site being moved to a new server.  This issue will be resolved as soon as possible.  In the meantime, you can simply close the dialog.  You can prevent the dialog from appearing if you close the MSI What's New sidebar.  Use the Actions menu and select Close.

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Yet another example of the

Yet another example of the dangers of post hoc ergo propter hoc! But seriously, this is the sort of thing that ought to have been addressed in a posting here *before* users raised questions about it.