Importing TeX into SWP 6.0.11 using OS X

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I attach part of a TeX file sent to me by a co-author using SWP 5.5. It produces a correct PDF in SWP 5.5 and in TeXShop, so the LaTeX seems good.

When I import the file into SWP 6.0.11 and select PDF Preview, I get the following:

1. "University of Oxford" appears on an otherwise blank page at the beginning of the document before the title.

2. The other author details do not appear at all on the PDF output.

Clearly, the Import TeX routine needs fixing to correct these problems. But more immediately, how do I fix the sci file to give the correct PDF output in the meantime?

There are also the following curious features of the sci file viewed in SWP 6.0.11:

a. The second author "address" does not appear in an address environment.
b. Some of the spaces in the abstract are replaced by long underscores. This doesn't seem to affect the PDF output with OS X but I recall previous discussion that it can create a problem with Windows and so needed to be fixed.
c. On the final line of the text, there is a math symbol that looks like an apostrophe with a square box around it that I don't recognise and doesn't seem to correspond to anything in the original LaTeX. What is it and why is it there?

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