help please: beamer+wmf import from SWP55

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I'm having a lot of trouble importing
a simple SWP55 Beamer presentation
including a wmf graphic, into SWP 6.0.11.
See attachment.

I've got two versions of the swp55
presentation: in one of them
(beamer2.tex) the graphics file is
imported; in the second,
(beamer-swp55.tex) which looks
pretty much the same to me,
it isn't.

The base tex file in both cases is
the swp55 beamer shell, with everything
from slide 2 onwards deleted, and with
the wmf graphic added outside the
bullet list in slide 1.

Could someone help me figure out what's
going wrong? I've spent several hours
on this and I'm completely stymied.

Here's my experiment:

1. Put the two tex files and the enclosed wmf
graphic in their own subdirectory.

You might need to open both of them in SWP55
and possibly re-import the graphic
(csurplus1ab-1.wmf, included), to ensure
that the graphics paths are correct:
I've never really understood what
happens here even in swp55.

2. Now try to import them both into SWP6.
As I say, for me beamer2 is fine, but the
wmf is not imported in beamer-swp55.

In this connection, I wonder if
it could be arranged for the
ImportTeX function to generate a log file
showing what was done and what the results
(particuarly failures) were? That might
help users diagnose difficulties
with importing swp55 files (and
tex documents generally).


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