reproducible failure in 6.0.11

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SWP 6.0.11 on MS Win

Reproducible failure:

1. Open the attached document
(wmf.sci) in swp 6.0.11.
This is just the Std Latex Article,
with a wmf graphic added. I think
this means that the problem may not
affect the Mac.

2. Do Image Properties, and on the
Placement tab, change the Location
to Displayed. Click OK to back out.

3. Note that this has not marked the
document as changed (this may be
significant, read on). The save icon
is grayed out.

4. Preview. No problems.

5. Now bring up the Image Properties
dialog again, and on the Frame tab
set the border color to white
(top-left, #ffffff). Back out.

6. Note that we are still not marked
as changed.

7. Preview again. This time the system

Error executing command 'pdfpreviewmode'

and the More Info is :

Component returned failure code: 0x80520015 (NS_ERROR_FILE_ACCESS_DENIED) [nsIFile.remove]

8. Further comments: I have been getting this
error message fairly frequently with 6.0.11
and I don't think it has always been
associated with graphics (but I'm not
completely sure). Also, I'd never
seen this particular error with earlier
editions of SWP6.

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I've duplicated what you

I've duplicated what you report, so I'm adding this to the list for the development team.