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Is it possible to revert SWP to a previous edition using the material in the RollbackDirectories, and if so, how? I'm having some PDF problems with 6.0.11 and I'd like to see if they were also present in an earlier edition.

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I have also been having PDF

I have also been having PDF problems with 6.0.11 with an unchanged file that worked fine 2 hours earlier with 6.0.10. So I guess it is the program that is causing the problem, not the file. But I still have the 6.0.10 install file so I will reinstall that and post what happens.

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Thanks! I've also managed to

Thanks! I've also managed to get the installer for an earlier version, so I can install it if necessary. But I was also wondering whether all those RollBack folders could actually be used, as long as they're being created every time we update.