Bibtex and SWP6

In SWP6, nothing works as it should... So I want to use bibtex and automatic biography. It is awkward.

1st, the box enabling to choose the entry is not easily usable. There is many useless choices criterion but it seems impossible to find an entry by its key in bibtex. It is also impossible to specify two authors. Last, it is not possible to see more than 8 items at a time, whatever the size of the box.

2sd. In the final pdf, the bibliography is not taken in account. How to get it ?

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Looking at the tex file, it

Looking at the tex file, it seems that the \bibliographystyle command (near the end) is empty. At a guess, you need to provide one when you do Insert > TypesetObject > Bibliography : your choices are on the rhs of the dialog. If this is empty, you need to provide the path to the styles (.bst files) in Tools > Preferences > Typesetting: for TexLive 2015 (MS Windows) it's probably C:\texlive\2015\texmf-dist\bibtex\bst (dunno about the Mac, but it should be easy to find).

Thank you ! Actually, I

Thank you ! Actually, I missed the line for the path to .bst files that, anyway, I didn't know... Happily, you gave me this path... But I think that one of the jobs of the SWP6 set-up program is to specify a default path for .bst files ..