SWP 6.0.11 Problem generating PDF

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I have several files written with SWP 6.0.10 that generated a PDF correctly with that version. With SWP 6.0.11, they get stuck at Making Pass 1 of 2.

I don't want to post the files on this board as they contains unpublished research findings. Is there an email address I can send one of them to for you to check out why it is not correctly generating a PDF?

I have other files that are correct generating PDFs so th problem is not general to all files.

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A postscript to my previous

A postscript to my previous comment.

When I export the file to TeX from within SWP 6.0.11, I can generate a correct PDF with TEXShop, so there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the TeX file itself.

Also, when I click on View in SWP 6.0.11, the TeX Log and the TeX Errors menu items are grayed out so it seems SWP 6.0.11 isn't even getting as far as running pdfLaTeX far enough to generate a log file.

I am using a Mac running OS X El Capitan 10.11.3.

You can send to

You can send to support@mackichan.com

Version 6.0.11 will generate the file msi.log in the home directory with information about the TeX Live configuration.  Post that file (or email it) to help diagnose why pdflatex isn't being run from inside SW.

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Thanks for this, George.

Thanks for this, George. However, I think I may have just now identified the problem. It seems that SWP 6.0.11, unlike 6.0.10, will not generate a PDF for any file that has a space in the filename.

I have now tried several files with a space in the filename. For none of them will SWP 6.0.11 generate a PDF. But when I replace the space by _ , it generates a PDF with no problem.

This seems to be an SWP problem, not a problem with the TeX installation - TeXShop, like SWP 6.0.10, will create a PDF using pdfLaTeX in the same TeX distribution even with a space in the filename.

If what I have identified is correct, I can use 6.0.11 just by changing filenames. But please ensure the next release reverts to the previous behavior.