Serious new bug with author address

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I attach a sci file with two authors. With the version of SWP 6 I was using in July 2015, the addresses of both authors appeared correctly in PDF Preview. With SWP 6.0.10, the second author address no longer appears in PDF Preview. This is despite using the same MacBook running OS X.

So this is a new bug that was introduced in a recent update of SWP 6. It is a major backward step as it means SWP 6 is unusable for writing papers with 2 authors.

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The bug I describe in this

The bug I describe in this comment is still present in SWP 6.0.11.

I know of no workaround other than exporting the file to TeX and then using a TeX editor, which rather destroys the point of using SWP 6.0.

Are you going to be able to fix it soon?