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I have some questions about the process of using function keys and automatic recognition and fragments to enable rapid creation of documents.
This sort of process is the bread and butter of my use of SWP as a whiteboard in the classroom and in the grading of student homework.

I felt that the best way to ask my questions was to put them in three short videos. The following URL runs a self extracting zip file (made by Directory Opus) that gives you the option of deciding where you want to extract it and then it automatically opens the menu showing the three videos.
I hope this is OK. It is the way I provide a lot of material for my students.

Here is the URL



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Greetings, Professor Lewin,

Greetings, Professor Lewin,
I have found your postings always to bre insightful and probing, so, out of curiosity I "visited" your website at http://math.kennesaw.edu/~jlewin/ and my "new eyes" found an egregious typo in the second Read and study line about the teaching effectiveness manifesto. Somehow "effectiveness" got mistyped there.
Jim Meyer

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Many thanks for the

Many thanks for the correction Jim. I'll fix it as soon as I can.
By the way, my other website
is the one that shows more of my work with the earlier versions of the MacKichan Software products.

Actually, I've sprung back into life like a formerly sleeping volcano. Over the years, dating back to 1987, I've been a very active user, presenter, and beta tester for various forms of the output of MacKichan Software and its predecessors, TCI Software Research, and Triad Computing Inc.
The Version 5.5 generation of these products have, for many years, been my whiteboard in the classroom and the medium on which I have based thousands of videos which, in turn, got me a number of prestigious teaching awards.

Now I'm making a serious effort to determine whether it may be possible to migrate my material to Version 6. I know that I'll be facing some real challenges in making this move. But there are some incentives:
1. I may be able to support the Mac for some of my stuff.
2. The Version 5.5 generation of MacKichan Software products have some annoying file association issues with recent versions of Windows. Nothing we can't overcome but it keeps me busy supplying tech support to my students and customers.
3. The graphics handling of the Version 5.5 generation of MacKichan Software products is way out of date. To place mathematical contact in figures in Version 5.5 documents, I have to use 15 year old versions of the main drawing products.
Furthermore, the graphics quality in 5.5 is sometimes poor. The way SWP 5.5 handles screen captures made with SnagIt (by TechSmith) is less than desirable.

Jim, if you also run the Version 5.5 products and, if you would like to take a look at what I do with them, please send me a direct email to lewinjonathan@att.net and I'll send you my stuff.