Clicking on a Note locks up SNB 5.5

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There is a sudden change in the behavior of SNB.
When I try to open a Note for viewing it locks up SNB and I have to use the Task Manager to kill it.
This is not happening when I open the note for editing.
It happens with a non-write-protected file when I Ctrl-click and with a write-protected file downloaded from the web when I just click.

Is this happening to anyone else? What can i do about it?

I tried uninstalling SNB and reinstalling it but it still happened.
I have Win 7. Did they do an update which changed something?

The issue was that the note

The issue was that the note dialog was appearing on a second, currently not in use, screen.  After enabling the screen the note dialog was moved, solving the appearance of a locked up system.  It should also have been possible to open the note dialog and then use Alt+space,m and then use the mouse or arrow keys to move the note dialog to a visible portion of the screen.