comment on Help

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(SWP 6.09 on Ms-Win)

One nice feature of SWP5 is that, if you're
consulting the computing help system and
you find something you'd like to explore
further, you can copy and paste it into
an SWP session. In particular, pasted math
expressions arrive as math, and can be
operated on just as if the user had
typed them into the session herself.

As of SWP6.09 this does not seem possible.
Indeed, pasting seems to behave very oddly:

- I *can* copy and paste the text at the
beginning of the help system (text begins:
Scientific WorkPlace (SWP), Scientific Word (SW),
and Scientific Notebook (SNB) makes writing ...).

- I *cannot* copy and paste the text
at the beginning of the Doing Mathmatics
section (text begins: Scientific WorkPlace and
Scientific Notebook provide easy, direct access ...).
In this case, the paste operation (Ctrl+V)
does nothing while in SWP. The copied text
can however be pasted into another application
(like a text editor).

- I *cannot* copy and paste any of the math
expressions in (say) the beginning of the matrix algebra
section. Again, Ctrl+V does nothing in SWP,
but will work in an outside application.
Paste-without-formatting works in SWP
but the result is not a math expression.

It's not clear to me why pasting plain text
works for one part of Help but not another;
but the real concern is that you can't paste
math, which considerably reduces the utility
of the Help system.