Is rtl working?

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SWP 6.09 on Windows

Start with the Std Latex Article,
enter a blank line, then use the
text tag drop-down to start an rtl
(right-to-left) tag run
and type a few words.

Now export the document to TeX.
The rtl-tagged text is not exported.
Note that the rtl text is shown
correctly on Direct Preview, and
prints correctly on Direct Print Preview.

The only section of Creating
Documents that seems to discuss rtl is
on p. 55, where nothing special is
mentioned as being necessary here.
Is rtl working for typesetting?

One curious feature of rtl: you can
select it, and then (say) bold it.
If you then tag the bold text as "(normal)"
then not only is it unbolded, but it
reverts to ltr. (In other words, you can't
undo bolding and retain rtl). Is this what
you intended?

(Also, in this situation what gets
exported to tex is \textbf{} ---
an empty tag).

Comment on TeX Export: the save-file
dialog doesn't show existing tex files
in the target folder. It would be
helpful if these were to be shown.