How to undo autocorrection for math symbols

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I have a question about how to type words like "Problem" or "tangible" in math mode.
In math mode, in the moment I type "Pr", Scientific Word automatically convert the math symbol "Pr" rather than usual characters, so I cannot type a word like "Problem". In this context, I want to define a variable "Problem" in an equation, so I want to use math mode rather than text mode.

Is there a way to avoid/undo the symbolization of character string, such as "Pr", "tan" or "sin"?


You can always turn off

You can always turn off automatic substitution.  Select Tools, Automatic Substitution.  The Version 5.5 dialog has one check box, "Enable Automatic Substitution", that you can turn off.  The Version 6 dialog has the "Disabel Auto Substitution" group and you can control automatic substition in either math or text.

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Good to know...

Good to know... Thanks!