save failure ; installation glitch

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SWP 6.09 on Win7

1. In the initial installation attempt
the program appeared to hang at the stage
where it was creating the desktop icon.

I eventually stopped it, and re-ran the
installer. This time it worked.

2. After what appeared to be a successful
installation, I ran into the refusal-to-save
problem. When the program told me that the it
was not licensed, I did Help -> License Information.
The result showed that there was a recognized
license file and "This license never expires".

I exited and restarted the program, and
this time was able to save. However, it
appears clear that 6.09 has not solved the
problem, and I don't want to see if it will
recur when I am doing some real work.

1. This may have been virus

1. This may have been virus program related.

2. Some more improvements to the licensing are coming with the next update.  Activating should be immediate.  That is, the current window will allow saving.  We think this will solve any other licensing issues, but unfortunately this is a difficult area to test.