TeX file import from SW/P 5.5

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Hi there MSI and fellow beta-testers,

Some months ago I reported a problem where a standard 5.5 TeX output file could not be imported into SW/P 6.0x. This problem was investigated and verified by other users.

I have not seen further dialogue on the issue, and have been using 5.5 for my (just submitted) projects. I was wondering if the matter has been resolved.

Can TeX docs created in 5.5 be reliably imported into 6.0x? Is it safe to go back into the V6.0 water?


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Hi George, The import

Hi George,

The import problems from SWP 5.5 files still insists,in my case as well.Basically,every file that I have tried tried to import from v5.5 has never been imported and I always have errors.Here I've attached a file

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I'm behind most other users

I'm behind most other users and am trying to catch up.
Today, I made an attempt to import my Version 5.x material to see how it would look in Version 6.
So far, I have not been successful with any imports. On each of two machines I'm getting a message that a file named wmf2EPS is missing and am asked to go to the help to see how to install it.
But the help menu doesn't bring up anything on this subject.

We've been fixing import

We've been fixing import problems as soon as we can find them.  I'm not aware of a specific problem right now.  If you find a problem, send us the .tex file so we can investigate.

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George, I've started

George, I've started experimenting with importation of LaTeX using SWP 6.10.
And I have mixed results.
My SWP 5.5 documents often contain *.wmf files and I think I understand that these files have to be converted to *.EPS form during the import.
But, even in Version 6.10, I get the message that a utility with the name wmf2EPS is not found. It asks me to look in the help file for instructions for installing this utility but the help search engine does not find this topic.
Of course, it would be desirable if a needed utility like this were put in automatically during the installation of SWP.

When I clicked on Cancel each time, I eventually got my document.
As I expected, the imported document does not contain the special effects that make my Version 5.5 files useful for on-screen viewing.
I can see that I have quite a lot of work to do learning how to produce my own screen styles and I would like to start studying this topic.
Where should I look to begin this project?
Do I need any other software products in my computer for this purpose?

Assume that I'm successful in setting up screen styles, I can see that, eventually, I may be able to use SWP 6 to produce a new version of my products.
However, for the back-and-forth communication between me and my students that has been so important to me over the years, it looks to me as though it will still be necessary to use Version 5.5.
A student sends me a document containing a few lines from my lecture notes and includes personal input, like proofs for checking or questions being put to me.
I open the attachment in my email and write my replies (sing a color field that differs from the one used by the student). Then I reply to the email attaching my version of the document.
The whole thing takes no more than a few minutes.
More often than not, the student replies a few minutes later with a revised form of his/her document.
Then I reply again etc.
This kind of interactivity has been the bread and butter of my teaching and played a role in my winning of the Kennesaw State University Distinguished Teaching award in 2012.
But I can't see that this sort of activity is available in Version 6.

I still feel today, as I felt when I first began to see the emerging Version 6 several years ago that Version 6 is a new product; not just a new version of the existing Version 5.5 product.
I can see that it will be necessary to use the two versions side by side; each for the kind of thing that it does best.

I'm also attaching two screen captures of some random math typing, one from SWP 5 and one from SWP 6. I think these show why I feel that, for the moment, SWP 5 is more suitable for production of documents that will be read on-screen


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George I get the feeling that

George I get the feeling that it may be the kind of file that I have been making in SWP 5.5. Every file I have tried to import just yields an error message.
I am showing one such file. It contains pictures so I saved it as a RAP file. Then, for the purpose of placing here, I zipped it.

I'm also providing two screen captures of what I see when I try to import.


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Were is an example .tex file

Were is an example .tex file created in v5.5 that I am unable to import into v6.0.9.

This is not the only file I am having difficulty importing onto v6.0 I have many other examples.


The problem is the &

The problem is the & character used in the name field of some of the encapsulated TeX fields.  Changing the & to some text solves the import problem.  I've reported this to the development team so it can be corrected with a future update.

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This works! I have changed

This works!
I have changed the '&' characters to the text 'AND' in the name of the encapsulated TeX fields, and can now import my SW5.5 document into SW6.0.9.

However my preamble commands not not provide and formatted header and footer output in the PDF. Here is the preamble:

\lhead{\bfseries SAO AST80011 2015-S2}
\rhead{\bfseries John Proctor}
\chead{\bfseries Project Diary Week 4}
\lfoot{Computational Astrophysics Project}

This all works fine in SW5.5. Can you suggest what needs to be changed to get the same results in SW6.


I believe it's just the

I believe it's just the \pagestyle{fancy} line that needs to be inserted into the preamble to solve this.  This should be correct with the next update, currently expected early next week.

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The v6.0.10 version fixes the

The v6.0.10 version fixes the problem with the display of my preamble \pagestyle{fancy} commands. The expected output is now displayed properly in the PDF preview output.

However I get an unexpected behavior in the PDF display of tables: the vertical line separating columns in 4x3 Tables is being replaced by an ampersand (&) character. This would be evident when importing the TeX file I attached to my earlier post in this thread.

So good progress is being made on SW 5.5 TeX file and this is encouraging.

However I still cannot import a SW 5.5 TeX file that references the "placeins" package. [Placeins is used by LaTeX to ensure that floating content (floats), e.g. figures and tables, are constrained within the current section of the document].

I have attached a SW 5.5 TeX file that illustrates the import problem.


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I think I'm going to wait for

I think I'm going to wait for the next update because all this stuff about the & symbol is over my head. I've looked at the preamble in some of the documents that I can't import and all I see is:


My documents are optimized for on-screen reading and are made to show with the cst file supplied in SWP 5.5 that has the name
that is located in the [Special] folder that inside the Styles folder.


The .cst file is not used

The .cst file is not used when importing.  Post or send a document that shows the problems you are seeing and we will investigate.

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Hi George, Look in this

Hi George,

Look in this thread for my note that contains three attachments and that begins: "George I get the feeling that...."

Two of those attachments show the error messages I see when trying to import. The third is a zip version of a SWP 5.5 RAP file that contains one of my many documents that I can't import. The reason for the RAP is that this particular document contains pictures.


The 6.x.10 issue of SWP still

The 6.x.10 issue of SWP still doesn't enable me to imports books (files with subdocuments) nor certain files. I have always the same message since the beginning of SWP6 :
This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

XML Parsing Error: not well-formed Location: file:///C:/Users/VJM/Documents/Dropbox/AvecLaProp16deGAFA_work/main.xhtml Line Number 11444, Column 37: