some more 6.08 problems

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Doc Format

As far as I can see, crop marks isn't working

If you specify two columns, you don't get
them. I think the reason is that when you exit
the dialog, the setting is restored to one.
There was an earlier discussion of this issue
here, and it seemed then to be working, so this
is a regression.

As far as I can see, hiding margin notes doesn't work.
This is true both for the Doc Format dialog, and
if you set an individual margin note to be

Note lost

I entered a margin note, specified that it be
hidden, and typeset it. The note appeared,
which prompted the comment above regarding
note hiding. But more seriously, when I went
back to the editor (Normal view) the note
had disappeared. Changing the text and
previewing again showed that the note
was still there: it just seemed not to be visible
(hence, editable) in Normal view. I looked, and under
View, both "Footnotes" and "Other Notes"
were checked. In Source view the note was there.
But to have notes disappear from the standard
editing environment is obviously a problem.


I just tried the 2-column experiment on a second windows
computer, and it seems to be working. I don't know why
the first case didn't work (or if it still doesn't).