Problem file--several problems listed in SWP6.08

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I am writing this to try to illustrate a few of the infelicities I have found in version 6.08 of Scientific Workplace. I am using the Blank_ Latex Article template, not importing from any earlier version, to the best of my knowledge. My first problem may be on your list already. When I try to append units to numbers (in math mode) the units move to the left of adjoining numbers. In the following I tried to write 5.32kg, but in math mode.
5kg.32 My second problem is that I have trouble with definite integrals when the integrand is a trigonometric function without a preceding character. The trig function moves into a limit.
∫01sin ∫01csc and so on. But if I put a character before the trig function things seem to work ∫011sin(x)dx A third annoyance is that I am unable to readily move the cursor from a display without using the mouse to relocate the recursor; in an earlier version (6.07 I believe) a simple keystroke (space?) would do that
Now the contents of the display are simply shifted left by the space bar. A fourth problem is that the program refuses, sporadically, to recognize my registration and refuses to save my work. This is singularly disturbing. Or an NS_Error Failure…this is a deal-breaker on using the program. I am using Windows 7 as an operating system with SWP6.08. I hope you can fix these problems, or correct my behavior that might cause them. I really want to use this program. It is a masterpiece.

I have saved the above text in a .txt file and attach it hereto. I used Notepad++ to create the accompanying file.

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