horrid pdf with equation numbers, no computation ability

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I attach a small document in .sci form. When I make a pdf of it, the equations are badly formed, with the equation numbers in inopportune places. Because of the destruction of the units functions these equations cannot be used for automated computation. It seems to me that SWP6.08 for Windows (10) has taken one step forward but two backwards. In this form it really almost useless to me.

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I agree that the pdf looks

I agree that the pdf looks bad.

When I tried entering the equations directly, I couldn't reproduce all the problems you had. This makes me think that at least part of the problem may be due to errors in the TeX import. If you can, would you please send the original TeX document to our tech support group so that can reproduce the problem? 

I did see a problem with our TeX rendering of the degree unit. As a work-around, you can replace it with a superscripted circle (the 8th character in the third symbol tab). This is still interpreted correctly by the computation engine.

Have you tried re-importing your original document with version 6.0.8? There have been a lot of changes in the TeX import over the past few updates.

Finally, I have made some changes in your posted document -- fixing glitches in what I suspect were import problems and replace the degree unit with the superscripted circle. I will attach it. The PDF produced by this document looks very good, and the document can continue to be edited with SWP.

--Barry MacKichan