Shortcut typing in of various symbols without using a palette --- how?

In 5.5 typing in a name with the control key held down would enter a symbol. e.g. cntl-p cntl-i would enter pi. What is the replacement for this shortcut functionality in version 6?

Ctrl+space opens the Macro

Ctrl+space opens the Macro tool at the bottom of the window.  You can then start entering the name and autocomplete will then show what's available.  This is case sensitive.

I want to remove a tag like

I want to remove a tag like bulletListItem, which is frequently used in Beamer. When I enter "remove" or "tag", nothing shows up. It is a very simple function in 5.5 But I can't find this.

Use the Enter key

Use the Enter key repeatedly.  After applying the numberedListItem tag and entering the first numbered paragraph of your list, press Enter.  This starts the second paragraph of the same list item.  Press Enter again to start the second numbered list item.  Repeat until you are done with your list.  Then press Enter to start a new list item (that you don't want) and press Enter again to end the list.  Here's what the help says:


To enter a new list

  1. Move the insertion point to the location of the first item in the new list.
  2. In the paragraph tag menu, choose the tag for the type of list you want.
  3. To enter an additional paragraph that is part of the current list entry, press Enter.
  4. To enter a paragraph that represents a new list entry, press Enter in an empty paragraph.
  5. To terminate the list, press Enter in an empty list item.