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 My dissertation must use 24-point spacing, defined as three lines of type and three line spaces per vertical inch. I am not sure about this, but my understanding is that this is not identical to using double spacing with 12 point font. Can anyone advise on how to incorporate 24-point spacing using Scientific Word? Your help is much appreciated!

The line spacing for a LaTeX

The line spacing for a LaTeX document is not a set number of lines per inch.  If you had a page of only text all in one paragraph, then you would have consistent line spacing determined by the font point size and the font leading.  For example, the default 10pt font typically uses 12pt leading, so there is 12pt between the baselines for the text.  However, as soon as you add anything else, the line spacing can change.  For example, just adding a math object with a superscript will change the line spacing. 

If you have a section heading and multpile paragraphs, there won't be a set overall line spacing.  The line spacing for the section heading and perhaps any subsection headings will be different than that of the main text.  The spacing between paragraphs is typically adjusted according to the text that is placed on the page. 

In short, it sounds like your requirements are designed for a typewriter while you are using a modern typesetting system.

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George - Thank you for your

George - Thank you for your response. You are absolutely right in your assessment. I should have been more clear in my original post: The 24 point requirement applies only to plain text and not to section headings, equations, figures, etc.

Is there is a way to apply a fixed spacing between lines of plain text? The setspace package offers three options: single, 1.5 and double spacing. Suppose that double spacing gives me too few lines per inch and 1.5 spacing gives me too many. Is there something I can do to adjust the spacing to get just the right number of lines per inch? I realize that font size enters into the equation as well, but I am constrained to use only 12 or 14 point fonts in the document. 

Incidentally, the graduate school provides a Latex template (attached), so I know that this can be done. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to use it and since the template was created by a former student, there is no tech support for it. 



In general, see Using shells

In general, see Using shells and typesetting specifications from outside sources for the steps to add a new typesetting specification for use with SW.

Specifically, the typesetting specification you attached is already included with Version 5.5.  Use File, New and from the Theses shell directory use "Cornell University" to start a new document.  This shell and support files were added with the update to Build 2960.

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Option 1 didn't work. I

Option 1 didn't work. I followed the instructions on using typesetting specifications from outside sources, but couldn't get past step two. When I tried to run it through the TrueTex Formatter, it returned an error message: "File 'pstricks.sty' not found."

I would consider Option 2, but are you sure the Cornell specs are included in version 5.5? I don't see it listed here:


The sample document must

The sample document must include the package pstricks that does not support the TrueTeX Previewer or pdflatex.  The package and references to the package would need to be removed from the sample document.

The shell "Cornell University" is in the Theses shell directory.  The shell and support files were added with the update to Build 2960.  See for information about the Version 5.5 update to Build 2960.