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SWP 6.07 on Windows

working with pdf graphics: On my windows
system I can load a pdf file
(a plotting file created from R) into the
std latex article document, but then every
time I want to do anything with the loaded
image, a dos window opens, showing (I think) that
the sam2p program is running a Ghostscript
command. Is this the expected behavior under
windows? (A previous question suggests that
it may not be on the Mac).

cropping: It no longer seems possible to crop
an image (ie get rid of say the top inch
of the image) as it was in SWP5.
It looks to me as if dragging
any of the handles just re-sizes the image
and doesn't allow cropping. Is this correct?

For what it's worth, the free Irfan-View program,
which also uses GS in the background to
work with pdf files, can do things like crop
these files without showing any dos session.

wmf/emf handling: The setup routine
still does not install
the printer driver needed (on Windows)
to handle wmf/emf files. Since this is
hardwired into the system, I think you
either need to install the driver yourselves,
or else provide users with step-by-step
instructions on how to do it themselves.
At least in my experience,
wmf files are significantly better than
other SWP5 scalable file formats, so I'd think
that supporting them is important for
Windows users, especially those migrating.

graphics import: It looks to me as if I
can import a graphics file only by locating it
via the Choose File dialog: simply pasting in
the file path from the clipboard (or, presumably,
typing it in by hand) seems to do nothing.
Is this expected?

SVG import: It looks to me as if an imported
SVG file has no handles available for
resizing etc. Is this correct/expected?

image import dialog: it's nice that version 6.07
finally fixes the non-working "Advanced Edit"
button in this dialog, but how can we use
the new possibilities? Neither the Help
system nor Creating Documents tells us.