List of tables

Hi all again:

I have the same problem with tables, I create LOT and the LOT is empty. I have in the tables the following sentences.

In [B] text field

\begin{table} [h] \centering

In [caption] text field

\begin {bf}explanation of table\end{bf}

In [E] text field


all text fields are encapsulated. I tried to put also [tbp] instead of [h] but it doesn't work


Inspect the Table - (4x3,

Inspect the Table - (4x3, floating) fragment.  The caption TeX field contains the \caption macro.  It is the \caption macro that causes the floating table to be numbered and the contents of \caption are used with the table and for the LOT.  From your description you are using an encapsulated TeX field that contains only bold text and does not use \caption.