Odd behavior following plots

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I have come across an odd behavior of SWP 6.06 under Windows 7 that mystifies and annoys me. I constructed a plot with four figures (2 polar and 2 rectangular--to draw a circle, two radii, and an arc). After that plot was entered the program began to periodically (with a period of around 9 seconds) invoke the command line very briefly (too brief to read the screen). This behavior has persisted as long as I am editing the worksheet. As usual, I don't know if this a program bug or my own fault. Has anyone else noticed this kind of behavior. It is annoying for the call to the command line interrupts typing and causes the machine to ignore keystrokes while invoking the other function.

Thanks for any help.

Jim Meyer

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Yes, this is one of the

Yes, this is one of the problems that will be fixed in the next upgrade.

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Thank you, Mr.

Thank you, Mr. MacKendrick.
JS Meyer