Mathcing Problem # and Solution # ??

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I have had a problem dating back to earlier incarnations of SWP. If I choose a Problem environment, the first is, of course Problem 1. If I then choose a Solution environment, the response is Solution 2. The solution number always seems to be "out of sync" with the problem number. I am using the Standard LaTEX shell with Windows 10, and SWP6.06.
Suggestions as to how to make problem numbers and solution numbers coincide are more than welcome. Thank you.
Jim Meyer

The theorem-like environments

The theorem-like environments in most shells typically number consecutively, regardless of the environment.  If you always using a problem environment followed by a solution environment, then if you change the numbering of these environments to be independent, then they will each have the same number when they follow each other.

A typical shell contains in the document preamble statements like (this is not the complete list):


The [theorem] in the middle of all but the first of the \newtheorem statements indicates that they should be numbered in the same sequence as the theorem environment.  To number an environment independently, remove [theorem] from the statements.

You can see some further discussion at and also the links at the bottom of that page.

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Thank you for the

Thank you for the information, George. !!!!