Problems with list of figures

Hi all:

I am working with swp50 and I have problems with the List of figures. I create it in the frontmatter but only apears the heading of List of figures but there is no list of figures below and I have more than 50 figures.

Can anyone help me to solve this problem?


Make sure that: There

Make sure that:

  1. There are at least two compile passes.  With only one compile pass the typeset result will contain only the LOF heading.
  2. The graphics are using floating placement.  Only floating placement graphics appear in the LOF.  Displayed or inline placement graphics are not included in the LOF.

thank you, my figures where

thank you, my figures where in displayed placement so that's why they didn't appear...

Another cuestion, how can I remove from the list of figures the numbering? now i have:

1. explanation of figure 1.......6

2. explanation of figure 2.......8

and I want:

explanation of figure 1.......6

explanation of figure 2.......8

thanks a lot!!!



A definite answer requires

A definite answer requires knowing the typesetting specification that you are using.  If you are using one of the standard LaTeX typesetting specification, or if  your typesetting specification uses the same definition as the standard LaTeX typesetting specifications, then you can add the following to your document preamble to get the effect you are asking for:


If you also want this change for the list of tables, then add this line before the \makeatother:


Thanks a lot!! I fixed all my

Thanks a lot!! I fixed all my problems with specification tou gave me.