Lost in translation


it appears to me that changing from SWP5.5 to SWP6 is not user friendly... First, the translation engine loose information from SWP5.5 files ; e.g. it is not yet possible to import books... Odds things also appears. For example, in a displayed integral formula, the letter d (d in dx for the Lebesgue measure) is replace with a letter d in blackboardbold. A capital D in blackboardbold will be translated in a same letter but the Italic tag add and in the pdf file will be replaceb by a boxed 2145...

By the way, where is gone the menu for tags like italics, slanted, calligraphic, blackboardbold etc ?

IMO, SWP6 is not thought well enough with respects to importing SWP5.5 files... That's a kind of paradox...


Our goal is to import any

Our goal is to import any Version 5.5 document and create an equavalent document in Version 6.  While the LaTeX mark up might not be exactly the same, the typeset appearance should still be the same.  Please post or send us samples (you can use support@mackicha.com) where the import is not correct.

The tags are part of the Standard toolbar, positioned at the top of the window after installation and when you first run the program.  The first drop down contains the text tags.