Version 6.0.6 with Mac OS X

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I installed SWP 6.0.6 on a Mac running OS X. During installation, I specified the directory for my BibTeX databases but (as in previous versions) PDF Preview did not locate them correctly. Checking SWP/Preferences/Typesetting, I discovered that the field for the BibTeX database directory contained gobbledygook seemingly unrelated to what I had specified during installation. So it seems like there is still a bug in the installation process. Is that the case?

On the plus side:

1. when I specify the correct BibTeX database directory via SWP/Preferences/Typesetting, it is now sticky (the entry is still there after closing the dialog and re-opening);

2. the Terminal window now no longer appears (and so no longer needs to be closed manually) when using PDF Preview - a great improvement.

Many thanks for these improvements.

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The bibtex database

The bibtex database preference used to be stored as a file -- some binary data that was serialized into 'gobbledygook'. In the process of streamlining this stuff, I changed it to a file path. Once the gobbledygook is replaced, it will not come back, and users who had never set the database preference with an older version will never see it.



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Thank you for reporting

Thank you for reporting this. 

I am not seeing gobbledygook in the entry for BibTeX databases. 

I entered "C:\texlive\2015msi\texmf-dist\bibtex" when I installed. What did you enter?

Note that, for best results, one should usually just make both of the fields blank.

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I think this issue has

I think this issue has probably been dealt with by Barry's later post. But in case not, what I entered when I installed was "/Users/malcomsj/Documents/Bibliographies"

Having the bibliography files in the default TeX location is actually very inconvenient with OS X because OS X expects all files you edit to be in the Documents directory and the TeX location is "hidden". Because I regularly add items to my bibliography files, having them in the default TeX location is thus (and leaving both fields blank) is not a convenient option. I can get TeX programs (such as TeXShop) that do not have a way to specify the path for bibliography files to find them in the Documents directory by specifying a global location for the BIBINPUTS environment variable and they all seem to recognize this. But SWP doesn't, which isn't a problem when I can specify the location directly but is the reason I don't want to leave both fields blank.

I am, by the way, really appreciating that I don't have to manually close the Terminal box when using PDF Preview. Thanks very much for fixing that.