Dos SWP6 include a French Dictionary ? If not, when ? Is it possible to have both SWP5 and SWP6 and to spell check with SWP5 ?


Is there also a Dutch

Is there also a Dutch dictionary for SWP5.0 on a Windows10-platform?

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Yes you can have both 5.5 and

Yes you can have both 5.5 and 6 on the same computer. They do not interact in any way. I use both. But your suggestion to spell check seems a little awkward

Thanks for your answer but

Thanks for your answer but so, does SWP6 include a French dictionary ?

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Yes there is one. Look under

Yes there is one. Look under Edit, Check spelling. I wish for a swedish one which is lacking. Strange there is a hebrew one.

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I'm attaching a Swedish

I'm attaching a Swedish spell-check dictionary. Both files in the zip file belong in the SWP/dictionaries folder on Windows (we do not supply spelling dictionaries for the Mac since we use the OS X dictionaries). I have also added the Swedish dictionaries to our standard build. Any other suggestions for which languages we should include by default will be considered.



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Thanks Barry, I also have

Thanks Barry, I also have finnish customers, do you have one for them too?

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Here are some dictionaries

Here are some dictionaries labeled sv_FI. I don't think they are truly Finnish dictionaries. A source for many of the dictionaries is


If you click on 'Install Dictionary', it will download a .xpi file. If you unzip this (yes, it is another zipfile going by another name), you should find a dictionaries folder which will contain the .aff and .dic files needed for each language. There doesn't appear to be such an option for Finnish.