Index and linked pdf


sorry if this topic has already been addressed but I couldn't find it. I have two questions :

1) How to create (in SW5.5) an index ? --- I have found how with \printindex (found in a shell) but the list is not alphabetically sorted.

2) How to create a linked pdf, that is a pdf where a click on a reference leads directly the reader to the text linked.

Thanks in advance for your answers. ;)

The help system gives fairly

The help system gives fairly detailed steps for adding an index.  Notice slightly different steps if the document save type is SWP/SW/SNB or Portable LaTeX.

Use the hyperref package.  This package will automatically add links to the generated PDF file.

Thanks for your answer.

Thanks for your answer. hyperef works nicely !

Is it possible that pages references in the index link to the text where the word is ?

The help system about index refers to a fragment I don't have. I believe that if I reinstall SWP5 I could get this fragment but it would be very kind of you if you could attach it to an answer here ;)