XUL Runner has stopped working

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I find that the system (both Windows 7 and Windows 10) throw a comparatively large number of XUL Runner errors as I try to use SWP6.05. I do not know if this is because I am unknowingly doing something wrong, or if it is an instability in the software. I suspect the latter but could easily be wrong. What is an XUL Runner error and is it a SWP6 instability? If so, how do I overcome it?

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Updating Adobe Acrobat Reader

Updating Adobe Acrobat Reader solved the problem for me.

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Pieter, I'm just making a

Pieter, I'm just making a wild guess here. Are you by any chance in South Africa?
I ask because I'll be visiting South Africa (Port Elizabeth, Amanzimtoti, and Johannesburg) in February and March. I would be interested to meet you if it turns out to be possible.
If this interests you, could you drop me an email to lewinjonathan@att.net


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Thank you, sir. Alas, my

Thank you, sir. Alas, my Adobe Acrobat Reader is in its latest incarnation. 11.0.12
Jim Meyer

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I've seen this XUL Runner

I've seen this XUL Runner issue twice today in SWP 6.09. To the best of my knowledge my Adobe Acrobat Professional is up to date.