SW6 First Impressions (bugs/questions)

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- Dropdowns for font selection, environments .. are unmarked, making it hard to know which one to choose.
- To start a new section, you now have to scroll through a long list of alphabetically organized environments, rather than the more hierarchically structured menu in older versions of SW.
- After importing an older .tex file it would be helpful if "Save" would open a dialog assuming that you would want to save the .sci file "in place" rather than in the global SWDocs directory, which I would also like to relocate, but cannot figure out how.
- Touching the scrollbar on the fragment panel causes it to detach from the column, rather than scroll.
- Scrolling in the symbol panel reveals a set of spurious lines that disappear only after resizing the panel (Win 7).
- The pagewidth sized rectangular boxes around equations, which already have their own tighter boxes, seriously clutter up the view of the document (on Win 7) . However, switching off the "Helper lines" removes both types of boxes, making the formulas less prominent and moreover reveals a rather too tight packing of formulas and text. An option to revert to the old style tighter boxes would be very much appreciated. Perhaps there is an option to set the lead-in lead-out whitespace around displayed formulas, but I haven't found it yet.
- The "Save Fragment" choice is no longer part of the file menu, and the help files do not contain info on fragments.
- The MathJax rendering of the formulas, while closer to the ultimate compiled result, are IMHO less easy to edit than the type of rendering used in earlier versions of SW.
- I was not able to save an open document after my PC woke up following a "sleep" period. The only error I could could discern was that XUL runner was no longer working.


- Real-time numbering of equations
- Ability to visually edit front matter
- Built in PDF preview (on Win 7, Mac sucks)
- Spell-check as you type