Frustration at the boiling point

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After a bad pointer error cost me four hours of work yesterday, and four XUL errors crashed the program, this morning that pesky message about the license appeared again. This is about the sixth time it has appeared, and I have followed the (temporary fix) kindly suggested by George. But the problem is fixed for a while and then recurs. I reluctantly return to SWP 5.5 and hope that in the next iteration of SWP 6 such elemental problems will be fixed. I know the huge effort that went into SWP 6, and I cheer for its birth. But I just can't use it...Its idiosynchrosies and mine are constantly at war. Another example; some of the features supposedly are shaded with a light gray for identification. My monitor often does not distinguish a very light shading in gray...perhaps a light red would be more visible (or the yellow used in some of the other features).