Gratuitous page appears in front of legitimate pdf output

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I am using SWP 6.05 and Windows 10 on a 64 bit machine. When I convert the attached .sci file to pdf an extra page, with a tiny bit of "chicken scratching" precedes the desired out. Is it I, or is it an artifact of SWP? If the former, how do I fix it?
Thanks for all the help. It is appreciated.
Jim Meyer

W9-9.sci160.71 KB
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Jim When I opened your file

When I opened your file in SWP there was a \ and a paragraph end before the title. I just deleted these and the extra page with scratchings no longer appeared in the PDF. See the attached.

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Thank you, jm. I never think

Thank you, jm. I never think to use the views other than normal . As you point out, they can be quite handy.
Jim Meyer