Graphics with Mac OS X

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Here are the results of some experiments I have been doing importing images into SWP 6.0.5 that may be useful to others.

Graphics file types
The graphics file types I have successfully imported onto SWP 6.0 are:

• jpg
• png
• tiff
• bitmap
• pdf

PDF files
PDF files don’t appear as well behaved as other graphics file types:
1. They don’t always appear on screen, though they sometimes do. But often, the location on the screen where a PDF graphic is placed appears blank, though a frame appears when you double-click on that location and the graphic appears in PDF Preview.
2. Once a PDF graphic has been inserted, it seems not possible to resize it because the sizing boxes are greyed out.
3. It seems that the size of a PDF image can be adjusted if the size is set in the Image dialog box before the graphics file is selected.
Cropping graphics files

I have not found a way to crop graphics files directly from within SWP 6.0.

Cropping for many graphics file types can be done using Preview. To do this:

1. open the graphics file in Preview;
2. choose Tools/Rectangular Selection (this can also be done using icons);
3. move + to top left-hand corner of what want to select;
4. hold down left mouse button and slide right and down to select everything wanted;
5. choose Edit/Copy;
6. choose File/New from Clipboard;
7. choose File/Export;
8. choose file format (in Format box) and filename/location want, then Save.
The image quality seems best if the file is saved as PDF in the original application in which it is generated and then, if necessary, cropped using Preview as above.

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Two questions on PDF

Two questions on PDF graphics.

Is there some way to get PDF graphics files to appear on screen as well as in PDF Preview?

Is there some way to resize a PDF graphic once it has been inserted?

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Has anybody found a way to

Has anybody found a way to crop graphics from within SWP 6.0.5? It was straightforward with SWP 5.5.