Version 6.04 and Tex Live

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In the notes with the download for v6.04 the following appears:
"If you need the `placeins' or `breakcites' package (added to the TeX Live installation with this update), it will be faster to load those packages using the TeX Live Utility." Please explain how one find the TeX Live Utility and how to use it.
Jim Meyer

From the Windows Start Menu

From the Windows Start Menu find the TeX Live 2015 group and use the TeX Live Manager shortcut to start the TeX Live Manager program.

From the TeX Live Manager 2015 program use the menu item tlmgr and then select one of the first two menu items to load the repository (probably use the first item, but you can also use the second).

When completed the entire list of available packages will be shown.  Scroll through the list, find the package(s) you want to add and turn on the check box in front of the package name.

Click the Install button.

When finished, you can exit the TeX Live Manager program.


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Thanks, George, that went

Thanks, George, that went smoothly, even though I am using Windows 10 now. The only deviation from your instructions occurred when the Tex Live program demanded that TeX Live Manager be updated. Now I am going to try this on my Windows 7 laptop. I hope all goes as well.
Jim Meyer

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George, I have followed your

I have followed your instructions to add packages such as 'placeins' etc. however I get the following message:

Executing action install placeins

Fundamental package texlive.infra not present, uh oh, goodbye

How do I proceed from here?