Scientific Notebook on Mac seems to be alpha-level software

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I stopped using SNB 5.5 when I ran out of Windows machines. At home I have Macs and and work i use Centos 6 linux. It hardly seemed worthwhile to run a Windows virtual machine under VMWare Fusion just to run SNB.

So you can imagine the excitement with which I greeted the release of SNB 6 on the Mac. I run 6.0.4 under Mac OS X Yosemite, and am crossing my fingers that there is something very obvious that I am missing, because this software is not, on my machines, at any rate, remotely ready for prime time.

Here is a brief list of my problems, so far.

1. When I start SNB it opens with no document window, at all.
2. The menus bar for SNB appears intermittently when I switch between applications using COMMAND-TAB. The icon for SNB appears in the list, but the menu bar may or may not appear when I select it.
3. If I open a new document such as "Standard Latex Book", nothing at all opens. It is as if I did nothing. However, if I then in frustration go to create a new document, the Book will magically appear.
4. Suppose I then modify and save the document, and close the window. I can try to open the document using the file selection window, but again NOTHING APPEARS until I engage the file system in some additional activity, such as selecting "Open File".

Clearly the software is not managing display synchronization and refresh correctly. This plagues EVERYTHING i try to do., including bringing up help. Surely I cannot be the only Mac user who has noticed this.

Please comment on known problems or respond with fixes.