Location of shell files on Mac

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I am running SWP 6.0.4 on a Mac under OS X Yosemite 10.10.4. Can anybody tell me where I need to put a directory of customised shell files so that it is listed with the other shell directories when I select File/New Document?

Location of the shell

Location of the shell files


The shell files are located inside the app.  Using Finder, go to Applications, then the MacKichan folder.  Ctrl+click the application (SNB, SW, or SWP) and use Show Package Contents.  There you will find the folder Contents, and below that Resources, and below that shells.  Below the shells folder you will see the folders that correspond to the various shell directories in the program.  You can add shells to any folder, or create a new folder.


The shells are below the install directory.  If the default install directory is used, this is below Program Files, or Program Files (x86) for 64 bit versions of Windows, and then in the MacKichan directory.  In the MacKichan directory you will find the install directory (SNB, SW, or SWP) and below the install directory is the directory shells.  The shells directory contains what is seen when you select File, New.  You can add shells to any directory, or create new directories.

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Thank you, jm, for pointing

Thank you, jm, for pointing out this entry, and to George for the instructions.