Converting *.rap files and *.tex files

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I have thousands of *.rap files and *.tex files created in SWP5_5 and earlier versions. With SWP 6, I cannot find any files with the .rap extension. The file open and file import windows do not even list them.

Is it asking too much to ask for some sort of utility that would convert all my *.tex and *.rap files in one directory and have them saved as .sci files in another?

As a matter of fact, I don't think I have seen the *.rap file listed as a file type that I can import. In order to keep a neat directory of files, I routinely saved my SWP 5_5 files as .rap files over the years. If I cannot import *.rap files, I see no other way but to use SWP 5_5, open the *rap files to get the *.tex files. This will be very, very tedious.

If you can't make a bulk conversion utility, at least you could let SWP 6 import *.rap files.

I know that we're just starting out with this new version and there are bound to be problems and I appreciate that you released it. So I'll try to patiently go forward and wait to see if something helpful develops.