George ---Hyperlink does not link for me

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I would like to view the Screencast entitled New Features listed in an information panel when I load the Standard LaTEX document. The blue type, which I assumed means a hyperlink, does not link anywhere. I found the Basics screencast only by using a Google search.
What is the URL for the New Features screencast?
I spoke with you briefly about this problem on the telephone today (Thursday) , George. But I am unable to log in to my e-mail account today. Hence this mode of communication.
BTW, I think the learning curve for version 6 will be very steep; I am really struggling after years of using versions of Scientific Workplace from the very first.

Here is the text from the

Here is the text from the What's New sidebar with active links.

There are some screencasts available on the use of Scientific WorkPlace which will be useful also for Scientific Word and Scientific Notebook. One is Scientific WorkPlace, version 6: The basics, which we recommend viewing first. It covers some basic techniques and tricks which will make Scientific WorkPlace much more convenient to use. Another screencast is not in its final form, but we have made it available anyway. It is New Features and covers a number of features that are new in Version 6. Again, this applies to all three of our products.

The links using plain text are: and

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Thank you for the links,

Thank you for the links, George.