Problems with citations using Bibtex


I'm trying to use Bibtex for citations and Bibliography in my Research Paper. But when I compile an print the document I only get [?] for citations and no references.

Here's what I have done:
1. I have turned Bibtex on in Typeset -> Bibliography Choice.
2. I have placed my BibTeX bibliography (exported from refworks) in the subdirectory \TCITeX\bibtex\bib
3. Used citations from my BIBtex database by -> Insert -> Typeset Object -> Citations (I would like citations by name and Year)
4. Inserted a bibliography by Insert> Typeset Object -> Bibliography

I attached the files and DVI output:

Literature_Review2.tex7.79 KB
filename.bib4.41 KB
Literature_Review2.log6.09 KB
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When you created the DVI did

When you created the DVI did you use the Typeset Compile icon (for DVI; not the Preview icon), and check Generate a Bibliography? If so, you should post the .blg file that should have been created: this is the log file from the bibtex process.