New version releases

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It would be very helpful if, when releasing new versions, there were some instructions about updating.

1. Is it necessary to uninstall the previous version? Or does opening the installer provide an option to Update the Installation?

2. If an uninstall is necessary, is it necessary also to delete the MacKichan directory and the profile for the program?

3. For users with TeX Live 2015 installed independently, provide an indication of what pathnames need to be changed from the defaults provided by the installer for a standard installation of TeX Live 2015 to work with the program. For example, on a Mac, the TeXLive Installation directory needs to be changed from /usr/local/texlive/2015msi to /usr/local/texlive/2015 for a standard MacTeX 2015 installation.

4. How to add user customised shell documents to the File/New Document list.

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re : (4): Suppose you take eg

re : (4): Suppose you take eg the Std Latex Article and make some changes in it. Save it under a useful descriptive name (extension will be .sci) and then place it in an appropriate subfolder of SWP/shells. If you tried to compile it, you can also go inside the sci file and delete any PDF or tex files in there - .sci files are ordinary .zip files, so any zip manager can help here, though you may need to rename the file temporarily from .sci to .zip.

At least under Windows, for the last few iterations I've not been deleting anything when installing the new version, and this seems to work (though I agree that it would be nice to have an explicit statement of this for the beta testers, who've been used to deleting everything). The program creates Rollback folders containing what I suspect is the bulk of the previous editions (I've got 8 of them at the moment). But I don't know if the Mac editions work the same way.

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re: (4) My problem is that I

re: (4) My problem is that I don't know where to find the Mac OS X equivalent of the SWP/shells subfolder with Windows. Can somebody MacKichan advise on this?

On deleting before updating SWP, I have been uninstalling the previous version using the uninstall utility but not deleting the Profile. Like you, I find this seems to work but I am left wondering:

1. whether some of the bugs I find might not be happening if I had deleted the profile as well; and

2. whether I could have saved myself the trouble of uninstalling the previous version by using the dmg file of the new version just to update the previous version.

Again, can somebody at MacKichan advise on this?