Initial preliminary comments on SWP 6.0.1

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I have just begun trying to navigate SWP 6.0.1, which I uploaded after the first snafu of Tex Live changing folders.

1. The new format is a bit confusing; I hope I can learn how to rid myself of the side panels until I want them.

2. I like the ability to look at the source code. That may be useful to me as I try to use R and Knitr and Slidify.

3. I am not sure if I have implicitly tried to use Ghost script yet. I am a bit afraid that an earlier installation attempt might have foiled its installation.

4. I think the program is a bit too pricey. I have been a loyal user for every upgrade since the beginning, but apparently do not qualify for the upgrade price.

5. It is good to have a cross-platform program. I seem to remember that at one time this version was also to be compatible with Linux/Unix.

6. I see now why the development process took so very long...SWP 6 is a mammoth undertaking.

7. The support staff was very helpful .

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I have found cures to some of

I have found cures to some of the whines above, e.g., how to expand working screen space and also make some of the panels into toolbars, more like the old version. I miss the Open Location option, though.
In the manuals, the statement is made that Linux is a viable operating system for SWP 6 but in other literature only Windows and MAC OS are mentioned.
I still don't know when or if Ghostscript is needed for the Windows implementation.
But nice job on a Herculean task, folks.

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Ghostscript is used to

Ghostscript is used to display EPS files on the edit screen.