SWP 6.0

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Jesus, George!

I do not believe! Is it true. The new version of SWP is available? Version 6.0? For Windows & MacOS? I love you so much. Do not be afraid, I am very old professor.

Wait for price.

Best regards

Ireneusz Winnicki

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SW 6 for Mac is not user

SW 6 for Mac is not user friendly at all. Bad interface.
Why can't they make it work like ver 5 on windows
Even CAPCHA for posting comments is horrible

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In SWP 5.5 I could import

In SWP 5.5 I could import images from Adobe Ilustrator *.ai version 3, but in SWP 6 it is not possible.

Carlos H

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I find very difficult to

I find very difficult to manipulate graphs generated by SWP6

It is not obvious where to click so that the popup menu with the option "properties" apear

The default plot, is too big.

If I change the x-axis and y-axis view, and generate the PDF, the change in the graph is not always reflected.

The number of tics in the axis are different in the edit window and in the PDF.