How to get rid of "printer, opaque this"


when I use a book style, I have  things like

"this is  page #
printer, opaque this"

I would like to know how to suppress this for the printing.

Also, how to get "content" written in french ?

Thanks for your help

Check the shell document. 

Check the shell document.  That is, start a new document using the same shell and check the sample text in the shell.  The typesetting specifications probably were created by a publisher, but if we found a way to suppress the printer marks then the steps were documented in the shell.  Without knowing the typesetting specification (based on the original shell), I can't be any more specific.

If you are already using the babel package but the contents label is still in English, then the shell might not be "babel friendly" and more research would be needed to locate how to fix this string that is probably hard coded in English.

You can find the original shell using File, Document Info.  Post a sample document if you wish.

Hello, to make the discussion

Hello, to make the discussion more precise, I give you a sample. Note that I did try to find the strings "Printer..." but I'have note been able to locate them


From the document you posted

From the document you posted I can see that the original shell was "Books\Livre" which is not a shell we created.  But I can also see the typesetting specification which is the one used by our current shell "Springer-Verlag Multi-authored".  You are using Version 5.0 so probably don't have the updated shell which includes the text:

    The typesetting specification used by this shell document places printer marks at the beginning of chapter divisions. You can suppress the printer marks by adding the following line to the preamble of your document:
    \makeatletter\def\@crosshairs{\vbox to0pt{}}\makeatother
    Do not make this change if you intend to submit your document to Springer-Verlag.

Follow the instructions above and you should be able to solve this issue.

Thank you for your

Thank you for your answer.

Is-it possible to update my shells ?

The line "\makeatletter\def\@crosshairs{\vbox to0pt{}}\makeatother" get rid of "pinter..." but how to get "tables des matières" instead of the english "contents" ?


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If you are using a

If you are using a Springer-Verlag shell, the word Contents is hardwired into the typesetting specifications. You can override this by


  \fi\chapter*{Tables des Mati\`{e}res\@mkboth{Tables des Mati\`{e}res}{Tables des Mati\`{e}res}}

in a separate ASCII file, and saving it in a subfolder of your \TCITeX\TeX\LaTeX folder as filename.tex and then adding


to the document preamble.

Thanks a lot !

Thanks a lot !