from the readable to the raw LaTEX ?

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I would like to read the raw LaTEX file (text and laTEX commands.) I want to be able to copy this into KNITR. Is this possible, and if so, how?
Thanks in advance.
Jim Meyer

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Not sure I understand. When

Not sure I understand. When you save an SWP document, what's saved IS the "raw latex" file. So you can now copy it into anything you like.

If you're asking: within SWP can I do something that would put the raw latex of the document I'm now working on onto the clipboard (for later pasting), then I think the answer is No. The reason is that internally, SWP uses some of its own constructs, eg for tables, which are not pure latex.

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Jim Meyer sent an email reply to the forum message notification.  This goes only to the forum moderators and not to the forum itself.  Here is what John wrote:

Thank you.  I had wanted to have the LaTeX just as I would write it from scratch with no front end help.  So I believe you are saying no. 
Thank you. 
Jim Meyer

You can always add correct LaTeX commands via a TeX field.  If there are errors in the LaTeX, there is the danger that SW will not be able to reopen the document.