Hopes for Exam Builder to be working over the Web

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I have been using Exam Builder, EB, for many years to create printed tests for my classes. Originally, Mackichan Software touted that EB could be used to administer tests over the internet once a server was set up with the required programs. I tried many years ago to set up a server to do just this but was unsuccessful. However, I recently learned that no one has yet gotten this to work. I still think this is a great idea and hope that the good people at Mackichan agree.
I realize that getting Version 6 of SWP, SW, and SNB finished is paramount. Hopefully EB for the web is high on the list of priorities once the roll out is complete. I would like to sweeten the pot for just that. At the community college that I work, the administration gave the faculty a mandate to reduce the costs for students for attending college by making use of Open Resources available on the internet. OpenStax, through Rice University, has many quality textbooks available for free on the internet. There are other resources available elsewhere as well. One of the reasons for not taking advantage of these resources is that publishers have control over the online homework systems that are in general use, such as, Webassign and Mastering. In my disciplines, Physics and Astronomy, we rely heavily on these online systems to save us time. So I would like to propose a new revenue stream for Mackichan: 1) Get EB working over the internet so that it is simple on both the frontend and the backend. 2) Sell the servers, already setup and configured, so that once delivered, all it needs is an IP address and to be plugged in. This would give schools and faculty total control over content and costs. I know Blackboard has some of these capabilities but not in the way EB's capabilities would handle the task.

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I used EBWeb extensively

I used EBWeb extensively during my last few years of teaching. There were some difficulties. Please see my post at
I regret that I do not remember how I set EBWEB up so I cannot be of help.

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I was naive by more than 4

I was naive by more than 4 years. I do not believe to see SWP 6.0. I like George and MacKichan team.
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