Use of Scientific Workplace 5.5 and knitr

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I have begun to experiment with R and knitr. Any suggestions as to how to combine the LaTEX produced there with the LaTEX of Scientific Workplace?
I get a message about filters when I try to load one in.

The message about filters

The message about filters probably means that you are trying to use File, Open and selecting a file that is not a complete LaTeX document.  It may only be a fragment of a LaTeX document, intended to be used as an include file.

Using these types of files directly in SW may not be possible.  There are two things to try.  One is to place the entire contents of the file inside and encapsulated TeX filed in a document.  Be sure to encapsulate otherwise SW will try to interpret the contents of the TeX field the next time you open the document, and one result is a document that cannot be opened again.  The other thing to try is to use a TeX file that uses the \input macro.  You will either have to place the referenced file in a location below TCITeX\TeX or use the complete path to the input file.  If using the complete path, remember to use only forward slashes to separate directory names (backslashes are used by LaTeX to indicate macros).